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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Three Things Thursday {link-up} - Goals

I'm linking up with coffee-n-ink, Absolute Mommy, and The Foley Fam, for "Three Things Thursday!"

It's technically still Thursday here in Arizona.. I've got 1.5 hours left... So in that case I'm going to share three goals I have for myself this month:

1. Get a good system down at home to balance the cleaning and the entertaining of the small fries (my kids) that I'm responsible for.

2. Tour Aveda Institute and see if I can finally swing my dream of being a cosmetologist.

3. Stop biting my nails. For good.

Do you have any short-term goals for yourself right now? I'd love to hear them! Or ideas to help me along with mine!

See you here next week for Three Things Thursday.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Emma Jane: All Grown Up

Doesn't this photo give you chills? Emma wanted to show off her new jellies ($2 at Wakmart by the way), and struck this pose. 

I mean, come on. WHERE IS MY LITTLE GIRL?!

This sweet thing is surprising Daniel and I every day with the words that come out of her mouth. Things like "small, medium, big" and going on and on about core memories and Sadness' impact on the happy ones. She gets so technical and I love it.

Emma is exploding academically and I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up! I've been told she could move to the Pre-K class at school and be totally fine. It's funny with her turning 4 so early in the school year. Because next year I want her in Kindergarten. With her brain I feel holding her back because of her birthday would be a disservice to her. So many people say to keep her at the top of her class, but honestly she gets bored. 

That's another reason why we want to homeschool her! I'm excited about being able to tweak her curriculum according to her strengths and to be able to focus on weaknesses at the same time, to give her a well-rounded education that is customized to her needs and thought process.

Those of you who have kids with fall birthdays: what did you do when it comes to school cut offs? Did you hold them back or find a way to get them in their age group?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One Of Daniel's Biggest Achievements!

The third Sunday in January we have a tradition in our household. I bundle up the girls in their warmest gear, doll myself up a bit, load up the snacks and the stroller, and head out to Tempe, AZ to watch my husband cross the finish line. What finish line you ask? The one for the PF Chang's Half Marathon!

Every year since Emma was an infant, Daniel has trained throughout the cold winter months, and run his half marathon in the bitter early morning cold in Tempe. I usually don't make it out until the end, but I've learned how to calculate his run time and the course, and we always camp out right at the end of the road and scream our heads off! One of Daniel's main goals in life is to one at least one half marathon a year.


Now, Daniel's body is a broken, beaten-up mess from the military. Even so, he continues to do these half marathons. Every year a new piece of running gear is added to his ensemble to make the experience less and less painful for him. This last year he was covered in compression sleeves on his arms and legs and his hands with running gloves. One thing was missing, but the budget just wasn't there.

His fourth run is coming up here in just two months, and I really wanted him to have the full package this round. When I received his new knee brace from NewGenre, I made him immediately change and go out for a run around the block to test it out.

At first he was uncomfortable and frustrated with it, and then he realized that by tweaking the velcro closure straps, he was able to get a good, secure fit. After running around outside for a bit, and the girls joining in, he said that his left knee was aching and his right knee (the braced knee) felt strong and supported.

I feel so excited that he has the right gear to get him through his training, and eventually his big run! Now all I have to do is get him another one for that left knee ;)

I will be posting photos of his half marathon in January on my Instagram and Facebook so keep an eye out!

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions and this post, are my own.*

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Life Update!

Where to begin... two whole months have flown by! So much for a "comeback", eh? It's time for some updates I think.

Me: Back in June I started a part-time job outside of the home as a barista at a local craft coffeehouse. Now I have been promoted to front-of-house manager/barista and I work 40+ hours a week. It's a huge change, but necessary right now. The biggest blessing is that I LOVE my job. I miss the full-time mommyhood but working in the environment I am in... it's a beautiful place to be if I have to have a full-time job.
I have also been dealing with some pretty severe stress and anxiety which has spurred severe heart palpitations, chest pain, and a faux heart attack last month. It was quite the push to calm down my schedule and stress-levels! I've been coloring in one of those adult coloring books for stress relief, as well as doing yoga and meditation. 

Daniel: He is working part-time (almost full-time hours) at Trader Joe's, staying home with the girls full-time until I get off of work in the late afternoon hours, dealing with his own health, and trying to find time to breathe.

Emma: She has been enjoying preschool at a local in-home preschool that uses Waldorf methods in regards to play, learning, and teaching. Her best friend goes there too, and they have a lot of fun together. Emma is also seeing a new occupational therapist for her Sensory Processing Disorder, rigidity, and OCD. We recently found a wonderful behavioral therapist that she adores, who helps her emotional regulation through play therapy. Emma is loving church, My Little Pony, legos, and ballerina outfits.

Audrey: This little miss turned TWO this past weekend and is talking like such a big girl! I will have to post a video for you all soon, but she is a chatterbox. Audrey is soaking up church friendships, coloring, Care Bears, baby dolls, and dancing. 

Both girls are working on learning ASL and have been doing a great job!

Monday, August 31, 2015


Lately I've been feeling this urgency in my heart. A direct push from God. To move. To listen. To act. I've been living the past week on my knees, spending my free time searching my heart, and trying to listen to His direction.

So far I've found no answers as to what I am supposed to be doing. The feeling is so strong, though, that it is almost instilling a fear in me that I will miss it. I know that isn't true, and it is just my insecurities talking, but I know that I need to keep my eyes wide open and pay attention to all of the opportunities around me. 

Have you ever felt like this? Knowing that God has something for you to do, but feeling lost as to what that is?

It's as if I am going to meet someone who I don't know yet, and I hope I don't miss it.